Building a global network around healthy nutrition will require a broad set of skills, with opportunities available for you to get involved in a wide variety of capacities at varying levels of time commitment.

Please feel free to browse through the positions mentioned below. If you do not identify with any of them, we still happily invite you to browse through our volunteer sign up form where you can find many other volunteer skills you can support us with. 

We look forward to your application, and will get back to you very soon.


Medicine & Nutrition

Medical Content Assistant
Lay the scientific groundwork for our various projects

Medical Content Reviewer
Review the different forms of PAN’s medical content

Seminar Host
Give lectures or hold seminars about nutrition

Social Media

Social Media Assistant

Support the growth of our global network

Design / Animation / Video

Create appealing and diverse project-related materials

Support us in the development of our educational videos


Fundraising Assistant
Support the sustainable growth of PAN’s resources

Editing / Translation

Proofread, edit and/or translate our English texts


Enhance our website’s appearance and user experience


By submitting the information below, you agree to the storage and handling of your personal data by PAN International. It will be treated strictly confidentially in order for us to contact you and manage your position and work assignments as part of a PAN volunteer project.

Please note that PAN’s official language when corresponding with volunteers is English.

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